Tinker Christmas tree decorations: original ideas to make yourself

As you know, a Christmas tree like this can carry everything, but our Christmas tree decorations for handicrafts are particularly good for him.

star pendant

star pendant

Not only lights or balls always have to hang on the fir tree – that’s why we crochet an asterisk pendant. If that’s not an eye-catcher!


  • Solid yarn in gray or white (eg “Terzo” from Lana Grossa)
  • Crochet hook 4

How to do it:

  1. Cast on 6 chain stitches (LM), close to a ring, crochet 16 single crochets (dc).
  2. For a star peak, crochet 5 sc, turn and crochet 1 sc, 1 half double crochet (tr), 1 tr, 1 double tr. Pass 2 dc of the ring and crochet a slip stitch in the next dc of the ring.
  3. Repeat 4 more times, leave the thread on as a hanger.
Christmas tree decorations for knitting fans: mini knitting set

 2 out of 10

Christmas tree decorations for knitting fans: mini knitting set

The middle is a wool residue, which is wrapped with wool until a ball is formed. Pik in a hanger, shorten 2 skewers to small knitting needles and glue two white wooden beads on the ends.© Thomas Neckermann

glitter balls

glitter balls

Damit am Christbaum nicht nur Kerzen flackern, basteln wir uns in diesem Jahr funkelnde Paillettenkugeln.


  • Styroporkugeln mit 8 cm Ø
  • Stecknadeln
  • Pailletten
  • Kettelstift (Aufhänger)

So wird’s gemacht:

  1. Den Aufhänger durch eine gewölbte Paillette ziehen und in eine dicke Styroporkugel stechen.
  2. Anschließend kreisförmig um den Aufhänger herum die Pailletten schuppenartig mit Stecknadeln feststecken, bis die Kugel ganz bedeckt ist. Feder durch den Aufhänger ziehen, fertig!

© Martina Denker

Christmas tree decorations for those in a hurry: lace pattern

 4 von 10

Weihnachtsbaumschmuck für Eilige: Spitzenmuster

Ein leeres Teelicht am Rand 8-mal einschneiden: Erst in Viertel, dann die Viertel wieder halbieren. Blechrand flach drücken, evtl. Wachsreste entfernen. Abstehende Rechtecke zu Dreiecken schneiden. Mit einem spitzen Gegenstand, z.B. Kugelschreiber, Muster einritzen. Die Video-Anleitung aus der Redaktion dazu findet ihr unten.© Thomas Neckermann

Christmas tree decorations for nature lovers: acorn collection

 5 von 10

Weihnachtsbaumschmuck für Naturliebhaber: Eichelsammlung

Erst einsammeln und dann wieder ran an den Baum damit! Die Hütchen mit Bastelfarbe (Acryl- Metallicfarbe in Gold, z. B. von Kreul), die Eicheln weiß anmalen. Pro Eichel einen Kettelstift (z. B. von Rayher) in die Hütchen stecken.© Thomas Neckermann

Christmas tree decorations from pine cones

 6 von 10

Weihnachtsbaumschmuck aus Pinienzapfen


  • Pinienzapfen (selber sammeln oder kaufen z. B. über www.nadeco.de)
  • Sekundenkleber oder Pattex
  • eventuell etwas Basteldraht zum Fixieren
  • rotes Geschenkband (Ø 25 mm) Schere

So wird’s gemacht:

Für eine Zweierkette jeweils aufs flache Ende der Zapfen etwas Sekundenkleber geben.

Die Zapfen kurz aneinanderdrücken und trocknen lassen.
Für eine Dreierkette zuerst wie beschrieben eine Zweierkette kleben.
Dann einen weiteren, dritten Zapfen nehmen, auf die Innenseiten der oberen Schuppen vorsichtig etwas Sekundenkleber geben und den Zapfen Kopf an Kopf an die Zweierkette kleben.
Die Zapfen durch etwas Basteldraht miteinander verbinden.
Für eine Viererkette wie beschrieben zunächst zwei Zweierketten kleben, diese dann Kopf an Kopf aneinanderkleben.
Wenn nötig noch mit etwas Basteldraht fixieren.
Pro Kette ca. 40 cm Geschenkband abschneiden, dieses in der Mitte knicken und hier Kleber auftragen.
Auf eine Schuppe Kleber tupfen und das Band vorsichtig an diese drücken und festkleben.
Den Baumschmuck trocknen lassen und mit einer Schleife an die Baumzweige hängen.© Loupe Imagesijo Tyler

Christmas tree decorations for party fans: garlands

Weihnachtsbaumschmuck mit Kindern basteln: Sterngirlande

Futuristic Christmas tree decorations: paper prisms

 9 von 10

Weihnachtsbaumschmuck selber basteln: Papier-Prismen

In Geometrie wart ihr immer schlecht? Macht nichts: Die “X-Mas-Balls” von Snug Design gibt’s als Bastel-Set mit Anleitung zum Bestellen. 6 Stück wie abgebildet (aber ohne Kordel!), 6,50 Euro über www.snug-online.de.© Janne Peters

Christmas tree decorations for flower children: wooden flowers

Original tree decorations from the BRIGITTE creative editorial team

Step by step – so you make the mini knitting set from the picture gallery as original jewelry for your Christmas tree yourself:

Make Christmas tree decorations – from clay

Tinker Christmas tree decorations: original ideas to make yourself

London-based stylist and author Sania Pell made Christmas tree decorations – which is not only delightful, but also very easy to copy.

“I particularly like this Christmas tree decoration, because it is easy to make, costs little and looks great – in contrast to the dark needles of the Christmas tree, but also on white sprayed branches. Because the pendants are handmade, everyone is unique.

Tinker Christmas tree decorations: original ideas to make yourself

The Christmas tree decorations are made of air-drying clay. I used snowflake stamps on some of the pendants, which I pressed into the still wet clay. I have labeled others with letter stamps. In the end, all you need is beautiful strips of fabric, cords or gift ribbons to attach the pendants. “

Making Christmas tree decorations – you need this:

  • white air-drying clay (500g becomes approx. 50 pendants)
  • cutting board
  • rolling pin
  • Knife (small, sharp kitchen knife)
  • skewer
  • alphabetic
  • Snowflake, heart or other stamp
  • Hanging tape
  • large embroidery needle
  • Nail file or fine sandpaper
  • plastic bags

Make Christmas tree decorations out of clay – how it works:

  1. Take a handful of clay. Roll it out on the cutting board with the rolling pin until it is 2 to 3 mm thick.
  2. Cuts rectangles approx. 9 cm long and 3 cm wide from the clay. The pendants become even more beautiful if they are a little different. If you have small rectangles left, use them for the small pendants. Mine in the photo are about 2 cm x 1 cm.
  3. Press the decorative stamp into the clay while it is still wet. Make a hole in the clay with the wooden skewer.
  4. Place the tags on plastic bags to dry – for at least 24 hours, occasionally turning them over.
  5. When they are dry, file the edges smooth using a file or sandpaper.
  6. Use the letters to stamp words on the pendants. Any stains can be removed with the nail file.
  7. Use the embroidery needle to pull the cord through the hole.
  8. Hanging!

Sania Pell is the stylist and author of the book “Favorite decoration – Live better with creative ideas” (Callwey, 22 euros). Visit her blog for more ideas and inspiration .

Make Christmas tree decorations yourself – Even more ideas from bloggers

The BRIGITTE Christmas blogging: Five bloggers make Christmas decorations and Christmas tree decorations for you, which are so beautiful that you want to make them straight away. These are the five participants and their blogs.

Christmas tree decorations made by Anja

Tinker Christmas tree decorations: original ideas to make yourself

Anja has been spreading the Christmas spirit on her blog “aentschie’s Blog” for a long time – and is therefore ideally suited to open the BRIGITTE Christmas blogging in 2013. Anja can do everything: tinkering, sewing, baking, decorating and designing beautiful cards for paper lovers. How nice that she shares it with her blog.

Here you can visit Anja at aentschie’s blog .
You can read her idea for Christmas blogging here: Christmas tree decorations with clothes pegs

Christmas tree decorations by Sibylle

Tinker Christmas tree decorations: original ideas to make yourself

Sibylle’s blog “fun.kyti.me” is colorful and implemented with style to the last icing on the cake. Here is a professional at work! We are always impressed by Sibylle’s ideas. Does your Christmas tree decorations sparkle like your blog? You may be curious. Looking for decoration ideas on Sibylle’s blog? Here you go: fun.kyti.me You can see  your idea for Christmas blogging here: Glitter balls as Christmas tree decorations

Christmas decorations by Michéle

Tinker Christmas tree decorations: original ideas to make yourself

We discovered Michéle and her blog Lililotta in the collection of BRIGITTE MOM blogs. It was love at first sight! We have already presented your Halloween decoration to you, it will be more festive for Christmas blogging. More from Michéle on her blog Lililotta . You can see her idea for Christmas blogging here: A new look for your Christmas tree decorations .

Christmas decorations from Katja

Tinker Christmas tree decorations: original ideas to make yourself

Katja is a girl with a heart. Clever – that’s the name of her blog. The blogger’s happiness, entrepreneurial spirit and joie de vivre are so contagious that one would like to cook, bake, tinker or hop around for a while. Have a look at Katja on maedchenmitherz . You can see her idea for Christmas blogging here: Christmas tree decorations made of wood

Gingerbread house on the Christmas tree with Clara

Tinker Christmas tree decorations: original ideas to make yourself

Clara and her blog tastesheriff are always fun for us. Not only does Clara create beautiful designs and creative books, she also organizes events. Always there: her sense of humor. She also finds the time to make Christmas tree decorations for us. Nice! Clara and her blog tastesheriff . You can see her idea for Christmas blogging here: A gingerbread house as a

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